Fungal Nail

As a podiatrist, I had been treating nail fungus for over 20 years when I developed a fungal nail on my own foot. I treated it like a science fair experiment, sure that treatment failures with patients were because of their non-compliance. For years, I used every product manufactured with little to no results.

In a podiatry convention, I was handed a bottle of Cidacin. I had no expectations of anything working after six years of fungus and 30-something products later. After six months, my totally brown nail began to show clearing at the base. At 12 months my nail was completely normal. Now I only prescribe Cidacin for patients in my office and I am very satisfied to have something that finally works!!

Dr. Kristina Janson DPM

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April 23, 2015
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Most recent visit was not scheduled. Dr. J squeezed me in, x-rayed, diagnosed, and treated my injury, and gave me careful instructions. In the past, she expertly "cured" my back pain with proper orthodics. She's the best.

December 18th, 2019

Message: Hi DR J -- I wanted to let you know, now that I have shoes that work with the orthodics---I am such a happy camper.